Jen Lancaster is a favorite of mine. That said, I found her first fiction offering, “If You Were Here,” to be a bit underwhelming. I felt like I’d read most of it before, since parts of the book closely mirrored Lancaster’s non-fiction accounts in her memoirs and on her blog.

This time, though, I found her fiction thoroughly enjoyable. “Here I Go Again” is a humorous, yet poignant, look at what happens to the high-school bully after high school. We see Lissy Ryder’s seemingly perfect life implode, and then observe as she goes about trying to right her past wrongs. In the process she learns about herself and maybe even improves her future.

The interesting thing to me about this book was the concept that though bullying is obviously not a good thing, it actually can have positive results sometimes. Some of Lissy’s classmates, mercilessly tormented by the hot pink BMW convertible-driving, football captain-dating head cheerleader, used their pain as motivation to go on and achieve truly amazing things with their lives. There are lessons here about using what life hands you to achieve your goals, but ultimately this book is what all Lancaster books are: hilarious, and reminiscent of a certain era in time that’s very dear to those of us who lived through it.

Bibliography: I would say that I’ll go back and right some high-school wrongs, but honestly I was a dork. And while I wasn’t bullied, I also don’t think I bullied anyone else.

Next chapter: I’m honestly not quite sure… I’m sure something will come up!