My sister has a wall hanging that reads: “I’m not bossy; I just have better ideas.” Perhaps it says something about me that I have, on numerous occasions, expressed a desire to have one for my house. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that when my favorite comedienne came out with a book titled “Bossypants,” I was all over that like white on rice.

Not to get carried away or anything, but I think it’s reasonable to say that Tina Fey is the single best thing to happen to humanity, oh, ever. Seriously. She’s smart, funny, self-deprecating, funny, multitasking, funny, accomplished, funny… The list goes on. Fey had me laughing aloud on the train with chapters such as ‘That’s Don Fey’ (a hilarious tribute to her father), ‘Peeing in Jars with Boys,’ and ‘Dear Internet.’

Fey does it all, but refuses to accept the mantle of “model woman.” She’s realistic about the shortcomings inherent in trying to have a career and a family. She simply does the best she can, and writes about it in an incredibly amusing way. In short, I want to be her. I already see a lot of similarities (see: bossiness), so I think it’s possible, no?

I’ve heard Fey called “the thinking man’s sex symbol.” This is presumably because she’s both attractive and intelligent/funny. While I’m disheartened to think only a specific subset of men would be attracted to such a stellar human being, I guess there is a certain cachet in giving the airbrushed models a run for their (boatloads of) money in the “sex symbol” department. Fey, of course, laughs this off, and spends the better part of a chapter talking about the artifice of photo shoots and digital editing that gave her the designation.

Definite thumbs-up for “Bossypants.” If you appreciate smart (and occasional toilet) humor, you’ll love this book.

Bibliography: Find that wall sign, dammit. Or maybe just steal my sister’s.

Next chapter: “Life of Pi” for book club. This book was wildly popular, so I’ve been avoiding it. (Yes, that seems backwards. But I hate being a follower.) But my book club chose it, so here we go…