As Jen Lancaster, author of “The Tao of Martha: My Year of Living of Why I’m Never Getting All That Glitter Off of the Dog,” would say: Bonus points for you if you caught the ’80s reference in the headline.

Lancaster, or “The woman with the best subheads on all of her books,” is at it again in this homage to that icon of all things domestic, one Ms. Martha Stewart. Readers of Lancaster familiar with her caustic wit (a la “Bitter is the New Black”) may expect her to attack Stewart. Well surprise, surprise. Despite (numerous) setbacks, Lancaster fully embraces Martha’s “Tao” and finds her life made better for it.

Granted, living like Martha was Lancaster’s main job for a year, so those of us who are trying to Martha it up alongside a regular 40+-hour gig may find it a bit more difficult to take on some of the endeavors she undertakes. That said, I’m a huge proponent of “a place for everything,” and the organization projects really struck a chord with me. I read a statistic somewhere that during our lifetimes, we’ll spend more than a year looking for things. I can think of many, MANY better ways to spend a year. 

Of course, this book isn’t about statistics. Or organization. As always, it’s really about Lancaster’s life and, by extension, the lives of many of us 30-something women. There’s hilarious stories about her misbehaving (and always amusing) pets. (Spoiler alert: Amid all of the funny, there is some very sad news on the pet front in this installment.) And, of course, no Lancaster tome would be complete without appearances by her long-suffering husband, Fletch. I doubt I’m the only woman in America who thinks Fletch is the cat’s pajamas. (To be fair, Lancaster more than acknowledges this. And, she’s fairly awesome herself, so I guess that evens out.)

To get to the point, I’d highly recommend “The Tao of Martha.” I’m thrilled to see Lancaster back to writing memoirs. Not that I didn’t enjoy “Wish You Were Here.” It was a fun read, but I think first-person storytelling is really her bread and butter. Most of her readers started on this journey with her with “Bitter” back in 2006 and want to see where it’s taken her today.

Bibliography: Consult Martha’s website for some organizational tips for my new place.

Next chapter: Hmmm. Not sure. Seriously tempted to break my cardinal rule and buy a book, since I desperately want to read Helen Fielding’s latest. However, I think I’ll sift through the stack of books I’ve been meaning to read for, oh, more than a year now instead…