So, I’ve been on a bit of a young adult reading kick lately. I blame Stephenie Meyer and her weirdly addictive teen vampires. Damn you, Twilight.

Since I’d already succumbed to the entire Twilight series (in both book and movie form, embarrassingly enough), I moved onto Meyers’ other offerings: a Twilight/”Eclipse” spinoff novella, “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner,” and an unrelated novel, “The Host.”

“Bree” was an incredibly quick read: one train trip, plus another 1-1.5 hours. It was interesting, and a bit icky, to see the story told from the eyes of a “traditional” vampire (apologies to non-Twihards). But ultimately, I found it a bit more of the latter.

“The Host” was another matter entirely. I was totally in the grip of this book — a situation made worse by the fact that I started it, then my e-loan period ended, and I had to wait several weeks to get it back. Meyer did a great job of presenting a sympathetic “parasite,” as well as depicting how two “beings” could share the same body. Obviously, it’s a load of hooey, but isn’t that why we read? I mean, if I wanted all reality, all the time, I only have to take a look around. (Especially when riding the T. Yowza.)

Anyway, I now find myself without a book while I wait for “Game of Thrones.” C’mon, Old Colony Library Network, give it up! (And seriously, who decided to make a 4-book bundle a 2-week loan? Have you seen one of Martin’s books? They’re each about 1,000 pages! I guess if you just read all day, every day….)

So, when I get that back and finish that series, I’ll post about that. Though now I’ve just remembered that in the long gap since my last post, I’ve finished another book: “Mystic River” by Dennis Lehane. Lehane is one of my favorite “local” authors. (I say “local” since he’s from Boston and his books are set here, but his stature in the literary world certainly does not limit him to a regional audience). I’ll post about that later. Spoiler alert: My reaction to this book is not unlike my reaction to other Lehane tomes I’ve read! (Also, I plan to watch the movie tomorrow night!)

Next chapter: Make sure not to become a vampire. OK, OK, seriously… Post about “Mystic River.” And watch the movie!

Bibliography: Finish “Game of Thrones”! Well, as much as possible anyway. I suppose I have to wait for George R.R. Martin to finish before I can… Sigh.