Well, I said I wanted a lighter read and I got it. Sophie Kinsella’s “Twenties Girl” is a confection of a book, perfect for a lazy day of reading on the beach.

It took awhile to get my head around the premise (20-something Lara is haunted by the ’20s-era version of her dead aunt Sadie), but once I let go of reality and embraced the silliness, this was a fun read. There’s nothing too deep or life-altering here — I mean, it’s from the author of the “Shopaholic” series, for goodness sake — but it’s classic light-hearted, feel-good Kinsella.

Sure, there’s some messages about life — make time for people while you still can; don’t waste time in relationships that just aren’t right; etc — but at the heart, this book is about a friendship between two very different (or maybe not so different after all?) people who somehow came out of the same family — and who can’t relate to that?

I did learn some amusing ’20s slang (see: barney-mugging), but mostly I just felt old. Lara’s problems are distinctly the problems of a 20-something. There’s no concerns about mortgages or kids here. It’s all boyfriends and, to a lesser extent, career. Which, granted is still a concern at this stage in life, but there’s a marked difference between a 20-year-old’s approach to career distress and that of a 30-year-old.

All that aside, this was an entertaining read. I’ve yet to find a Kinsella book that I didn’t enjoy. They’re the perfect little summer vacation for the brain!

Epilogue: Nothing terribly compelling. Though the reminder to enjoy loved ones while we still can is always good .

Next chapter: I’m not sure, actually. I’ll either go back to “Wives and Daughters” or “A Tale of Two Cities.” We’ll see what mood strikes!